Tuesday, March 16, 2010



So, we've spent quite a few hours on the road learning how to not enjoy one another, but I feel we have succeeded because we can now tolerate each other 7.34% of the time... not too bad. We ended up stopping by Jerry Erickson's ranch today to check out William, Flora's horse, and he seems to be enjoying himself 7.34% of the time, but I have faith he'll pull through.

We shove off to Austin tomorrow, to impress no one, but will be victorious in having much more fun than any NYC band trying to be the next big dud. Or any band from MPLS trying to sound like a NYC band, trying to be the next big dud... good luck assholes.

So, here's to us having a good time. We party like we mean it!


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  1. Thanks you lil' sweethearts! Now show TX what MPLS has to offer in terms of quality Rock n' Roll and school them on the fact that TER is backed by the same form of sincerity, honesty and talent as our favorite Southern Rockers of this time.