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So, tour has been pretty sweet. Got to see a bunch of friends as well as make a bunch of new ones. Texas was a whirlwind! Played, rocked and partied hard. I'd like to give a few shout outs! KC and Vicki and everyone at the Liberty, we salute you! Yase, you are the fucking best and a great ambassador to your city! Lori, great to see and you'll probably beat us home! Also, a shout out to Eric's aunt, Ev for letting us hole up!


Monday, March 22: The White Water Tavern
This might just be heaven on earth! What an incredible joint. The staff, clientele and all those that put up with watching us thanks so much! We had nothing short of a blast at this fine establishment and hope to go back! Thanks Jason White for helping us set this one up!

- Smells Like Freedom! Memphis, TN -

Tuesday, March 23: Nocturnal
We started our arrival with a couple racks of ribs from the world famous Charles Vergo's Rendezvous. I cannot tell you enough that this is a must stop if you ever venture into this great city! Sadly, two days after we dined here the proprietor Charles Vergo's passed away. Rest in Peace my man and thanks for creating one of the best rib joints known to man!

After we passed out for awhile from our Rendezvous food coma we made our way to the show at Nocturnal. We met back up with fellow Minnepolitan's, Jake Dilley and The Color Pharmacy and locals The Stand Ins. What a great time we had and appreciate all that came out. The show attendance wasn't much but then again we were up against Megadeth across the street.


Wednesday, March 24: Day Off In Memphis, TN
What a jam packed, great fucking day! Woke up at a reasonalble time and made our way down the the Gibson Custom factory where we had a scheduled tour for noon. Seeing first hand the care and craft they put into these guitars makes you appreciate the sticker shock on these gems. They don't allow photography, so no snap shots were taken to show you the genius that goes into making these bad boys.

After being blown away by the Gibson factory we met up with the one-and-only Peter Budd. If you don't know this dude, do yourself a favor and track him down while your in Memphis. You'll be a better person for knowing him. He took us over the Gus's Fried Chicken for lunch. Much like Rendezvous, our appetites and tastes buds were TKO'd. Crack Chicken! So fucking tasty.

From here he made our way south to the legendary Graceland, home of the King. Thanks to Kate Mariani for getting us in touch with Tony Yoken and Big Jim Sykes at Elvis Radio Live from Graceland Sirius XM. Not only did we get to do a small interview for them but they also hooked us up with the grand package tour of Graceland... no, we weren't able to go upstairs, but everything else was at our fingertips. Thanks a million!!!


After a 3.5 hour tour of Graceland we decided to make our way back downtown for some libations on Beale Street. Here we met up The Color Pharmacy dudes and Peter Budd's amazing wife Susanne. We pounded some Big Ass Beale Beers and made our way down to one of the most bad ass bars this town has to offer, Earnestine & Hazels. This used to be an old brothel back in the day and I believe they have done anything to the interior since the fucker was built. What a Joint.

As the night made it's way to morning we walked our way back to the hotel, but not without one final stop at the Lorraine Motel to pay our respects to one of the greatest humans to have walked our earth, Martin Luther King Jr.


Again, Thank you so much Peter & Susanne Budd, Big Jim Sykes, Tony Yoken, Kate Mariani, The Standins, Rendezvous, Gus's, Earnestine & Hazel's and Nocturnal for making Memphis so fucking epic!

Thursday, March 25: St. Louis, MO
The Way Out Club is quite an impressive bar. Tons of shit to look at, tons of old school arcade games, but lacking customers. Tonight we played to our friends and tour mates Jake Dilley and The Color Pharmacy, two of their friends and bar owners. Maybe next time St. Louis, maybe next time...

Friday, March 26: Waterloo, IA
Spicoli's was cool joint as well and the staff were amazing! My dart game on the other hand failed me this night much like the crowd. All Rattle and Dust, you guys were awesome! Excited for our show in MPLS at the Hex!

Satuday, March, 27: Chicago, IL
Man, we were somewhat down on our luck after the past few nights and in desperate need of a pick me up. Well, Chicago, you fucking delivered! Thanks so much to all of you that came out to support us and those whom we were fortunate to convert! BIG thanks to The Textbook Committee for setting this up and putting on another lights-out performance! Also, a high-five to everyone at Reggie's!

We would also like to extend our gratitude to our friends Pat & Beth Kennedy for letting us crash out at their place and congratulations on your new buddle of joy! You saved us!

Well, that about wraps it up! Excuse me if I left anyone out and again thank you to everyone that made our two week jaunt so memorable and incredibly intoxicating! We owe you all a drink. Keep checking back. We have some local dates throughout this Spring and will be making a trek through the midwest to Colorado and back, so come on out dammit!


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